Hi there! We would like to introduce ourselves!

We are Sharifah and Yanto,

founders of IF DENIM based in Rotterdam. We would love to share our huge love and passion for denim and our craftmanship with you. Our focus is on developing garments consisting of sustainable used jeans, old stock pair jeans and deadstock fabrics that are carefully selected and manufactured in our studio.

What about upcycling?!

Upcycling is the process of taking used denim and turning it into a new garment, either by changing it completely, or just a little bit to give it new life. We have succeeded in redeveloping too much produced and used denim on a larger scale into high-quality new consumer products with a circular story. Think of patchworks, pieces in different shapes, and creative, unique designs—exactly the opposite of dated preconceptions of sustainable denim fashion as boring and tasteless.

Do you have jeans you'd like to get rid of? Why don't you drop by?