Our primary goal during a pilot period is to collect a substantial quantity of old, used, and surplus jeans.

This initiative is aimed at creating a lasting and positive impact, not only within our city but also on the environment and for future generations. Our long-term goal is to expand and increase the visibility of this jeans collection initiative. This will enable us to generate even greater impact after this initial step by collaborating with other local socially responsible organizations. Through collective efforts, we can not only significantly expand the collection and sorting process but also efficiently process old jeans. This strengthens our ability to achieve our objectives in a more powerful manner. With all of this, we are building a strong foundation for sustainable change, allowing us to pursue our goals with even greater determination and create a lasting positive impact.

We will reassure you will be able to enjoy your item for a very long time. With our lifelong warranty you are welcome to drop by so we can fix and or readjust your item.

We are also able to add specific wishes to our designs and made to order. Everything is negotiable.

Repairs for clothing other than IF DENIM
Rather than throwing a clothing item away, we are also happy to fix and readjust items that aren’t ours. Come by our studio and increase the lifetime of your clothing.

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